The Afterlife of Raleigh (MLA 2011) [3/1/10]

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Gina Caison & John Garrison, University of California, Davis

We request paper proposals for a proposed special session at the 2011 MLA convention in Los Angeles, CA. While the afterlives of figures such as Elizabeth I have received increased popular and scholarly attention in recent years thanks in part to diverse depictions in film and historical fiction, Walter Raleigh has remained a less-examined figure, despite appearances in diverse media and a rich literary and historical afterlife. This panel seeks papers that consider that afterlife and its implications for scholarship. This panel hopes to open the existing dialogue about Raleigh beyond the geographic and temporal borders of Early Modern England.

We invite papers that consider any aspect of the "afterlife of Raleigh," including representations in film, drama and fiction; depictions in Raleighana; impact on political thought; influence on explorers and colonialists; innovations in the sonnet form; formulation of the figure of the public intellectual; discourses of pirating and privateering; and more. Papers may also consider how the reception of Raleigh's texts has changed over time or within audiences.

Please email an abstract of approximately 250 words along with any equipment requests to Gina Caison and John Garrison at by March 1, 2010. All panel participants must be members of the MLA before April 1, 2010.