From Republic to Restoration: Legacies and Departures [deadline: 01/31/2010; conference: 7/6-9/2010]

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Andrew Marvell Centre, University of Hull, UK.
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An international, inter-disciplinary conference hosted by the Andrew Marvell Centre at the University of Hull, UK, 6th - 9th July, 2010.

350 years after Britain's fledgling Republic came to an end, this conference will explore the impact of republicanism and the politics of the Restoration on literature and the arts. To what extent was the experience of 1649-1660 blotted out of writing and political discourse? How was history re-written? What were the residues of republicanism in Restoration politics and culture? What was 'restored' to the arts at the Restoration?
These are some of the questions that the conference will explore. It is envisaged that there will be sessions devoted to political history, literature, science and the Royal Society, theatre, and music. Papers (of 30 minutes duration) are also invited on Milton, Marvell, Behn, Hobbes, and Clarendon.

Speakers will include Nigel Smith, Tom Corns, Graham Parry, Blair Worden, Paul Seward, Laura Knoppers, and James Loxley.

Enquiries and abstracts (of 250-300 words) on any of the above topics should be sent to Professor Janet Clare by 31st January 2010: