CFP: "Out of the welter of unclassifiable speech": Reading Mina Loy. May 29th 2010 (University of Sussex, UK)

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Sara Crangle, Centre for Modernist Studies
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"Out of the welter of unclassifiable speech": Reading Mina Loy 

A one-day symposium sponsored by The Centre for Modernist Studies,University of Sussex 

May 29th, 2010   

An artist, designer, and writer, Mina Loy occupies an enduring and increasingly recognised place in the history of modernism. Her writing commanded the attention of Ezra Pound and Yvor Winters in The Little Review and The Dial respectively, era-defining journals that published Joyce's Ulysses and Eliot's "The Waste Land." Loy aligned herself with Futurism, Dada, and Surrealism, and influenced pivotal figures such as Marcel Duchamp and Djuna Barnes. She is known best for her poetry, which Pound praised for its "arid clarity" even as it was widely deplored as overly cerebral and unyielding. Loy's lyrics shocked: she set herself apart by writing intimately and unabashedly about female sexuality. More recently, critics have returned to her work as a model of avant-garde experimentation imbued with wit, and as a vital challenge to male-dominated models of modernism.  

This one-day symposium aims to consider Loy's innovative and occasionally uneven artistic output. We welcome proposals for short papers (between 15 and 20 minutes) about Loy's poetry, essays, fiction, and autobiography; we are also interested in considering her relationship to politics, art, modernism, and philosophy.   


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Arts B239, University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton, UK, BN1 9QN