CFP "Cosmo-politan SciFi: Reevaluating the Urban through Technology & Culture" (ACLA New Orleans; April 2010)

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American Comparative Literature Association
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ACLA New Orleans April1-4, 2010  


Seminar Panel: "Cosmo-politan SciFi: Reevaluating theUrban through Technology & Culture"


Seminar Organizers:Janelle A. Schwartz, Loyola U New Orleans; Nhora L. Serrano, Cal State LongBeach


This panel seeks papers that address the urban as aninextricable element to the genre of science fiction and how it is configuredacross representative media. Of particular interest is the binary concept ofdecay and renewal, as it relays the significance of the urban for fostering,reimagining, displacing, defining, eliding, etc. peoples and cultures. Inshort, we welcome papers that address how science fiction — and itsaccompanying technologies — might provide an innovative lens through which toarticulate the role and influence of the city (natural or otherwise,earth-bound or cosmically rendered, past, present or future) on ideas ofcommunity. We hope to hear from a multitude of perspectives and disciplines,ranging from literature to architecture, film studies to graphic novels,engineering to environmental studies (to name only a few).


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