Boundaries of Publication: What Remains Unpublished, Unpublishable, Resisted, Rejected, Posthumously Considered, Unthought, Ment

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Richard Burt and Craig Saper, UF and CFU

Boundariesof Publication: What Remains Unpublished, Unpublishable, Resisted, Rejected,Posthumously Considered, Unthought, Mentioned, Called Up, Cited


Aspecial issue of the journal, co-edited by Richard Burt and CraigSaper.


Publication,one reasonably assumes, oscillates between the poles of acceptance--what comesto define an archive—and rejection—that which is excluded from it, symbolizedby the rejection letter. While acknowledging that the primary data of rejectionletters is largely irretrievable, the editors of this special issue of Rhizomeswish to trouble the notion of a stable archive defined by the boundaries itdraws between published and unpublished / unpublishable work. We invite studiesof rejected or lost works, articles on the topic of (un)publishability, andtheories of the liminality of rejection and loss, their status as non-events.


Points of departure for Articles might include: 


* PurePotentiality of Publication


* Whatis Called Publication?


And,what evades it?  How might publicationevade reading of what the essay promises to read?


Whatremains in the boundaries and what might have been but never was published orwas only posthumously published?


Whatcalls the author into publication? Letters of acceptance, rejection, and unrealizedideas.


*Evading Publication



* Left Unpublished


Othertopics might include, uses of the "lost manuscript" convention (e.g. Balzac's"Sarrasine," Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, Kierkegaard's Either/Or);posthumous publication against the author's wishes (e.g. Mallarme's "Le Livre);speculative criticism of fake publications (as in Stanislaw Lem's A PerfectVacuum, which consists of reviews of books that were never, in fact, written),or histories of various salons des refuses.

 Please send us your abstracts and inquiries by February 1, 2010 and completed

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