30th Annual PALA Conference - The Language of Landscapes

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Poetics and Linguistics Association
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Conference Title: The Language of Landscapes

PALA 2010

Location: Genoa, Italy

Contact: John Douthwaite

Conference e-mail: j.douthw@gmail.com

and j.douthw@virgilio.it  

Conference URL: www.lingue.unige.it/pala2010/  

General Description

The theme for the PALA 2010 conference is The Language of Landscapes.
"Landscapes" may, of course, be interpreted both literally and metaphorically.
At a literal level, locations such as Genoa and Liguria, to remain within the confines of the conference venue, offer spectacular landscapes that have inspired artists in the past. However, other geographical areas may also be treated, and borders may be crossed over, into, for instance, the relationship between the visual arts and visual techniques in writing.
Turning to the non-literal level, landscapes may be interpreted on two broad levels.
First, the term may be applied to the depiction of individuals or of social contexts. Themes in this domain my differ widely, and include individual and collective identities, otherness, context and its influence on the individual and/or social landscape, multiculturality, the sense of community and individuality in urban and non-urban settings, landscapes and language variety, space as symbolic in linguistic terms, landscapes and technological change, urbanization, centers and margins, semiotic and/or cultural systems, artistic movements and periods. Individual works, authors or movements may also be analysed.
Second, the term may also refer to all the methodological tools deployed by stylisticians.
Notwithstanding these horizons, proposals are welcomed on other subjects within the remit of PALA.

Call for papers

Abstracts for papers should be of approximately 300 words in length, with keywords, and should also include (1) a title, (2) the name, status and affiliation of the speaker(s), (3) a contact email address, and (4) a postal address. An abstract should also clearly state what the research question is and also describe the chosen methodology and the text(s)/data that will be discussed. Please also let us know if you require any special equipment. All conference rooms have a computer, data projector, and screen. Papers will be a maximum of 20 minutes in length, with a maximum of 10 minutes for questions.

Special interest groups workshops (SIGs)

Proposals for official PALA special interest group (SIG) workshops are also welcomed. Abstracts should be of approximately 300 words in length and should include the names, status, affiliations, email addresses, and postal addresses of all participants. Workshops will be scheduled for Wednesday, July 21st, 2009, for periods ranging from 2 to 4 hours depending on number of contributors presenting. Other proposals for workshops that are not official PALA SIGs will be submitted to both the conference organization committee and the PALA board for approval.


Abstracts for the conference must be sent to both the following e-mail addresses:


The conference organization committee will communicate acceptance of SIGS TO THE SIG CONVENORS BY OCTOBER 30th  AND POST THE TITLES OF THE ACCEPTED SIGS ON THE CONFERENCE WEBSITE.

The organization of each SIG will be the responsibility of the convenor(s) of that SIG, so all proposals for contributions to a SIG must be addressed to the convenor(s) of that SIG BY JANUARY 15th. The Convenor's e-mail will be posted on the website together with the announcement of the inclusion of the SIG in the conference programme.  

ALL contributors, whether to the individual papers section of the conference or to a panel, will be informed of acceptance by FEBRUARY 28th.