Borderlines XIV: Codices and Codification 9 - 11 April 2010

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Queen's University Belfast
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The Borderlines postgraduateconference series traditionally explores the theme of marginal, transgressive,and shifting identities in the Middle Ages. This year's conference seeks toexamine the anxieties surrounding these ever-changing identities. These anxietiesgave rise to an increasing number of attempts to control and (re)define theindividual's role within community, Church, and social strata through sumptuarylaws, Episcopal decrees (e.g. Arundel's Constitutions),devotional guides (e.g. The Lay FolksCatechism), etc. This year's Borderlines seeks papers which deal with theseattempts to regulate and define the individual and the community as well as thespaces in which people interacted. Further, we have particular interest in theroles that books played in this increasingly literate society.

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