Anxieties of Overexposure: Enlargements, Contagions & the Dark

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UCLA Center for Performance Studies

The UCLA Center for Performance Studies announces THE SECOND ANNUAL

Anxieties of Overexposure: Enlargements, Contagions & the Dark

April 30th & May 1st, 2010

University of California, Los Angeles

Set in the quintessentially spotlighted culture of Los Angeles, this
conference explores how performance processes of exaggeration, display
and mystification interact with meaning-making and critique. Because
brightness obscures detail in overexposed images, panels and
performances could address the political and cultural consequences of
this "blowing out," paying particular attention to their underlying
anxieties. Discourses of marginalization address this simultaneous
hypervisibility and indistinction, and performance studies is rooted
in deconstructing and negotiating these racialized, disabled, queer,
indigenous, gendered, classed and transnational terrains. Proposals
may also address that which is "drowned out" due to selective
amplification, thereby facing underexposure, containment and even
erasure. We invite submissions that explore a breadth of related
themes, with interest in how performance studies both invests in and
critiques national (de)formation, sensationalism, corporeal
manipulation, canonicity and their attendant abjections.  How does
performance as an artistic form, a quotidian method and an academic
field reproduce these overexposures while also intervening in them?
What are the political possibilities, as well as the limits, of

In addition to proposals, applicants are invited to submit papers for
a Spotlighted Scholarship panel. The selected scholars will be awarded
stipends for travel and accommodation, as well as publication in the
UCLA Center for Performance Studies journal Extensions.

Please submit proposals and papers by Monday, January 11th to with the subject heading "Conference


All submissions should include contact information, as well as
university and departmental affiliation.

*Spotlighted Scholars papers should include a 300-word abstract, as
well as a paper of no longer than 12 double-spaced pages (including

*Individual paper proposals should include a 300-word abstract and bibliography.

*Panel Proposals should include a 400-word panel description in
addition to three individual paper proposal abstracts of 300 words.
Please clearly indicate the individual panelists' university and
departmental affiliations.

*Performance-as-Research Proposals should include a 500-word critical
description of the practice-based research engaging in artistic,
theoretical, epistemological or political themes relating to the
conference.  Means of inviting critical engagement with the research
should also be indicated. Due to resource constraints, practice-based
research proposals should have minimal staging needs beyond
audio-visual technologies.

Please email if you have additional questions.