[UPDATE] Cinema and Landscape (10/1/09; 4/16/10 - 4/18/10)

full name / name of organization: 
Cinema and Landscape International Conference



Following the publication of a major new edited book in Winter 2009, Cinema and Landscape (Intellect, 2009),
featuring essays by notable film scholars from around the world, an
international conference is to be held on the subject of cinema and

The conference will be
hosted at the University of Sheffield, April 16-18 2010, with the aim
of exploring the intersection between Film, Film Culture, Landscape,
Place and Geography.

Proposals** (a 150 word abstract) are very welcome for:

- Single Papers (1 person: 20 minutes + 10 minutes questions) or
- Panels (3 persons: 60 minutes + 30 minutes questions)

could include: landscapes of national cinemas; aesthetics, landscape
and film; place, identity and the role of film; geo-political
film-scapes; film directors and landscapes; new readings in film
geography; landscape and film form; travel, journeys and filmic
landscapes . . . And more!

The intention is to build on current discussions with the aim of producing further research and publications in this field.

Proposals can be sent to: conference@cinemalandscape.co.uk

Second Call Closing Date: November 1st 2009

**Proposers are encouraged to submit as early as possible**