CFP Critical Perspectives on the Twilight Saga (book), abstracts due Dec 10

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Maggie Parke and Natalie Wilson


Perspectives on the Twilight Saga
, Edited by Maggie Parke and Natalie

Apologies for

We are currently accepting
proposals for essays to be included in an edited collection on Stephenie
Meyer's Twilight Saga. We are looking for essays that examine the Twilight
series, the fandom, and the films from various analytical and
methodological perspectives. We are particularly interested in submissions from
the following disciplines: film studies, sociology/popular culture studies, gender
studies, critical race studies, literature, psychology, and education.

The collection is intended
for a broader audience than is the case for many scholarly anthologies. We
welcome work from academics, graduate students, bloggers, educators, and fans.
Abstracts and subsequent essays should thus be intellectual in tone and
treatment, but accessible to general readers.

The collection will
focus on the following areas:

Twilight in the
Media, Analysis of the Films, The Adaptation Process, Celebrities, and Music of

Explorations and analysis
of the Fandom, Twi-net, Fan Fiction

Female Roles,
Representations of Gender, Feminist Analysis of the Series

Readings of Vampire and
Werewolf Lore, Consideration of Quileute Legend and Culture

Cross-Generational Issues,
Analysis of Family or Mothers/Fathers in the series/fandom

Considerations, Analysis of Twilight as Religious Allegory

Literary Analysis of the
Series, Intertextual Considerations

We are particularly
interested in the topics that follow

Gender issues, female
roles, chastity, abstinence only, reproductive rights/abortion, representation
of masculinity/patriarchy

Film Adaptation, authorial
influence, adaptation process

Mormonism, Christianity,
feminist theology

The biological possibilities
and capabilities within the mythical structure, rule-making and rule-breaking

Race, ethnic identity,
cultural mythology, whiteness and white privilege

Literary and genre
readings, werewolves, vampires, intertextuality, etc

The fandom, blogs, vlogs,
celebrity culture

Pedagogical reads

Use of Twilight as
an educational resource

Representations of family,
maternal roles, paternal roles, sibling rivalry

Submission guidelines:

Send a 500 word abstract
with contact information, affiliations, and a brief bio of approximately 50
words to Please use word, or rtf format.

Deadline for submissions
is December 10.