Humanities and Technology Review (journal) - March 31, 2010

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David Macauley / Humanities and Technology Review
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Humanities and Technology Review (HTR)CALL FOR ARTICLES AND BOOK REVIEWSTopic: Technology, Democracy, and CitizenshipHTR is the interdisciplinary peer reviewed journal, published annually, of theHumanities and Technology Association (HTA). Generally, it explores theinterface between the humanities and technology. For the Fall 2010 edition, weare looking for article submissions and reviews of books that address the 2009conference theme: Technology, Democracy, and Citizenship. The theme of Technology, Democracy and Citizenship raises important questionsabout how technology mediates relationships between individuals, civil society,and the nation-state. How does the management of technology affect democracy?How is technology used by under-represented or oppressed groups to addresstheir condition? How do the socio-technical systems such as voting machines andsocial networking tools influence democratic processes? How does technologyimpact decision making with regard to public policy? How are media and ideologyrelated? What challenges do ambient intelligence and surveillance pose todemocracy? How do fiction, cinema, hip hop, and other art forms articulate suchissues?POSSIBLE TOPICS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:• The consequences of limited access to technology. • Technological literacy and its relation to citizenship.• The politics of expertise.• The history of technology in relation to democracy.• The concepts of utopia and dis-utopia.• Thoughtfulness and the public sphere.• New media platforms and social networking tools.• Cross-cultural perspectives.• War technology and nation building.• Environmental justice, social justice and diversity.• National security and homeland defense.• Hazard and disaster prevention, preparation, and recovery.Author guidelines: Send all queries or manuscripts via email attachment toFrederick B. Mills, Editor, HTR ( All submissions mustuse APA format, MS Word 2007 without any special formatting, 12 font times newroman, and double spacing throughout. Do not insert page numbers, headers orfooters. All manuscripts should be prepared for blind review. The deadline for papers is March 31, 2010.Frederick B. Mills, EditorHumanities and Technology ReviewDepartment of History and GovernmentBowie State