Transnational, Transcultural, Transmedial: European Cinema Today, 14-15 May 2010

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University College Cork, Ireland

Transnational, Transcultural, Transmedial: European Cinema Today

International Graduate Film Studies Conference

University College Cork

14th - 15th of May 2010

Call for Papers
Keynote Speaker: Professor Tim Bergfelder, University of Southampton

The concept of European cinema has undergone a seismic shift in recent years as scholars attempt to locate it within the context of ever-changing sociological, geographical and political paradigms. Furthermore, the evolution (and arguable democratisation) of the filmic medium through developments in new media and technology, coupled with a residual dissolution of old orders/modes of production, demands that an array of transnational, transcultural and transmedial factors be taken into account in any debate on the topic. Predicated upon the basis that cinematic space in Europe has become "a key territory in which change could be imagined" (Rosalind Galt), this conference seeks to address European cinema as it advances into the second decade of this century.

We invite papers that explore the interrelationships of contemporary European cinema, particularly with regard to geography, culture and form, either through close readings of specific texts or through a broader consideration of current practice in diverse aspects of European filmmaking and film theory.

Suggested topics include but are not limited to:
* New Paradigms and Directions in European Cinema
* Migration and Diasporic Filmmaking
* Borders and Boundaries
* Centre/Periphery
* Global/Local/"Glocal"
* East/West or North/South Axes
* Cultural Memory and History
* Cultural Hybridity/Marginalisation
* National/Transnational/Pan-European
* Genre-Crossing
* Aesthetic Practice
* Trans/Inter-medial Cinema
* New Media and Technology
* "Free" Film/Youtube/Streaming and Downloading
* Production/Distribution/Reception

Proposals of approximately 300 words (including a short bibliography), together with a brief biographical note should be sent before the 19th of January 2010 to

Queries to the organisers, Abigail Keating, Jill Murphy and Aidan Power, can be directed to the above email address.

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