Syl-la-ble: Performing Syntactic Vulnerability

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Catalina Florina Florescu
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This panel addresses the roles that syntax and performance play in telling the stories of people who live, or live within, bodily transformations. An accident, an operation, a condition, even a diagnosis can alter the definition of the self. What results is a literary genre, the memoirs of people with bodies in pain. Is the vulnerability of language to nonsense (as in the loss of a syllable from a familiar word) analogous to the experience of such a self? How does the loss of an organ, of a function, of a potential, or the compensatory gain of a prosthesis produce writing? How can the ontological condition of "becoming a patient" be seen as an artistic genre or condition? If pain influences the use of language, are the syntax and morphology of the resulting expression open to diagnosis in regular fashion?

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Catalina Florina Florescu, Ph.D.