Truth and Beauty in John Patrick Shanley's _Doubt_, Christian Scholars' Conference, June 3-5, 2010

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Lisa Siefker Bailey / Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus

Truth and Beauty in John Patrick Shanley's Doubt.
Fifteen-minute papers exploring faith and uncertainty in Shanley's prize-winning play or his 2009 film adaptation of Doubt are invited for a peer-reviewed session in the Christian Scholars' Conference at Lipscomb University June 3-5, 2010. Papers may address any aspect of faith, truth, or beauty in the play. How does one construct (or deconstruct) truths about faith or observations, guilt or innocence, authority or evidence? What happens to truth and faith when perceptions of reality clash? Where can we find beauty in a world full of guilt and preconceptions? When does righteousness corrupt? Please send abstract exploring these themes or related questions to Lisa Siefker Bailey at no later than December 21, 2009.