Cambridge University: Authority and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Chronicles 17-19 July, 2010.

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Cambridge International Chronicles Symposium (CICS) 2010
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Authority and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Chronicles
Cambridge International Chronicles Symposium (CICS)
17-19 July 2010, University of Cambridge

The second biennial Cambridge International Chronicles Symposium (CICS) follows the success of our inaugural proceedings held at Cambridge in 2008. The theme for CICS 2010 is Authority and Gender in Medieval and Renaissance Chronicles, which will be debated over the three days during open sessions of three twenty-five minute papers, alternating with longer keynote addresses. Selected papers will be published in a volume bearing the same title within two years of the conference. The 2008 inaugural proceedings appeared in The Medieval Chronicle, vols VI (2009) and VII (2010, forthcoming).

The new symposium will comprise keynote addresses, panel discussions, a tour of Cambridge College Libraries, formal conference dinner, publications fair and wine reception. Refreshments and lunches are provided for conference guests and college accommodation is available. As on the previous occasion, a limited number of small bursaries will be awarded.

We invite proposals from scholars in the disciplines including but not limited to English, History, Literature, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

Topics for discussion could include:
Kingship and Queenship, Earls and Ealdormen;
Abbots and abbesses, monks and nuns;
Ecclesiastical and secular authorities;
Institutional authority;
National authority and identity;
Masculine, feminine, and neuter: linguistic authority;
Auctors and Auctoritas;
Textual authority, witnesses, and scribal traditions;
Kinglists and genealogies;
Nuns in the scriptorium;
Female voices, male scribes – authority and authorship;
Gender and legal practices;
Moral authority;
Ritual and authority;
Establishment of authority: feuds, force, and warfare;
The construction of gender in chronicles.

Abstract (of approximately 250 words) should be sent to, due no later than 15 December 2009. In special cases, papers will be commissioned for publication without presentation at the conference (contact the organisers for more information).

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