Shakespeare: _Hamlet_ Due December 31, 2009

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In-between: Essays & Studies in Literary Criticism
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In-between invites full length articles on Hamlet (four to eight thousand words) which focus on current critical preoccupations with the play in the academy as well as outside of it. Please (i) air-mail one hard copy along with (ii) a copy of your cv if you have one handy, and (iii) email the text of the article along with (iv) a hundred word note for the contributors' column.

Please use any software, double space, single quotes, double quotes for quotes within quotes, outside punctuation, en dash flanked by single space in place of two hyphens, British spelling except, of course, for quoted matter, single space between sentences, no space between paragraphs, and auto-footnotes.

The deadline is end of December. Contributions will be accepted on an ongoing basis.