Points of Contact: Moving East to West,16th Annual Multicultural Conference, April 20-22, 2010

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Laurie Lopez Coleman, English/San Antonio College Multicultural Conference, San Antonio, TX
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The West has enjoyed a commanding supremacy in culture and world affairs for several centuries, but the 21st Century finds the East exerting a powerful influence on the West. The economic powerhouses of Saudi Arabia, India, China and Japan, and the expansion of nuclear weaponry to Muslim countries have made dealing with the East critical to the prosperity and security of the West. So as culture has flowed east in the past, it now begins to flow west.
For our 16th annual Multicultural Conference we request papers and presentations that deal with the influence of the East on the West – as played out in culture, the arts, politics, demographics, business, the military and the economy.
Those wishing to present should submit via email a paper title and a 100-150 word abstract outlining the proposed topic and mode of presentation. Individuals interested in reading creative works should submit samples of their work. Completed manuscripts should not exceed 10 double-spaced pages of typescript so that papers can be presented in a twenty-minute presentation. (Individual submissions only.)
Final selection of conference participants will be made by February 1, 2010
Deadline for Submissions: Monday, January 8, 2010
Laurie Lopez Coleman
Conference Coordinator Juanita Luna Lawhn