"Old Lessons for a New Millenium: Nature Writing and Environmentalism in the 21st Century" (June 7-10, 2009)

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Prof. Daniel G. Payne, Dept. of English, SUNY Oneonta
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This event will be the sixth in the John Burroughs Nature Writing Conference & Seminar series. The 2010 conference will focus on the work of writers who contributed to the early conservation movement of the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century, and the work of contemporary writers who are exerting an influence on the development of early twenty-first century environmentalism. Suggested topics include the influence of nature writers on the early conservation movement; the conflict between the preservationist and "wise use" wings of the conservation movement; the environmental legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and Gifford Pinchot; the influence of modern writers (including but not limited to writers such as Aldo Leopold, Henry Beston, Rachel Carson, Bill McKibben, Rick Bass, Barry Lopez, and Terry Tempest Williams) on the current environmental debate; "deep" versus "shallow" ecology; nature writing in times of environmental crises (such as nuclear proliferation, overpopulation, global climate change); the "sense of wonder" and environmental writing for children; and questions relating to sustainability and the development of a green society. As always, papers on any aspect of John Burroughs's life and work are also encouraged.Send abstracts or proposals by March 31, 2010