Currents in Electronic Literacy, Spring 2010 Issue: "Gaming-Across-the-Curriculum" (submissions due 1/15/2010)

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Currents in Electronic Literacy (ISSN #1524-6493) solicits submissions related to the theme below. Submissions are due by Friday, January 15, 2010.

Spring 2010 issue: "Gaming-Across-the-Curriculum: Playing as a Way of Learning"

"Good game design," writes James Paul Gee in "Learning and Games," "has a lot to teach us about good learning, and contemporary learning theory has something to teach us about how to design even better and deeper games." The burgeoning field of pedagogical gaming has inspired emergent journals (GameStudies; Games and Culture), new institutions (e.g., the Game Studies Research Center at the IT University of Copenhagen), and interdisciplinary approaches. This issue of Currents features guest editors Jan Holmevik and Cynthia Haynes of Clemson University's Gaming Across the Curriculum (GAC) program (, which examines current and potential uses of gaming within the academy.The issue will incorporate games created by students and faculty, best practices of the use of computer games in teaching, articles that theorize play and pedagogy, innovative approaches to cross-disciplinary collaboration using computer games, frameworks of GAC white papers, and so forth.

Currents encourages unconventional and emergent modes of scholarship. The editors solicit articles, games (with instructions and background), GAC curriculum designs, and other scholarly treatments of "gaming-across-the-curriculum." All submissions should adhere to MLA style guidelines for citations and documentation. Submissions should state any technical requirements or limitations. Currents reserves all copyrights to published articles and requires that all of its articles be housed on its Web server.

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