Deleuze: Ethics and Politics (April 9-10, 2010)

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The 4th Biennial Philosophy and Literature Conference at Purdue University
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The philosopher Michel Serres once described Gilles Deleuze as "an excellent example of the dynamic movement of free and inventive thinking." Without a doubt, Deleuze was one of the most singular and prolific philosophers of the 20th century. It is no surprise then, that the impact of Deleuze's thought continues to reverberate throughout a host of diverse disciplines. With recognition of Deleuze's influence in these various fields, and in the spirit of Serres' assessment, this conference seeks to motivate an exploration of Deleuze's inventive thinking in the particular areas of politics and ethics by bringing together faculty and graduate students interested in engaging, developing, or critically examining these areas of Deleuze's work.

Keynote speakers: Daniel W. Smith (Purdue University), Eugene Holland (Ohio State University), and Arkady Plotnitsky (Purdue University).

Possible submission topics include but are not limited to: immanent vs. transcendent criteria in ethics; political theory, law and jurisprudence; the role of the State in relation to capitalism; the possibility of social forms of organization radically exterior to the State forms; the positive or productive function of desire as a creative force directly invested in the social field; the problem of micro-fascism with respect to individual and collective processes of subjectivation; forms of resistence enabled by minor literature and other processes of becoming-minor; conceptions of cartography as a critical and transformative social analytic of power relations.

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