[UPDATE] New Approaches to Creative Writing Pedagogy (ACCUTE Conference 2010, Montreal), deadline 20 Nov 09

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Robert McGill, University of Toronto

Member Organized Session:
New Approaches to Creative Writing Pedagogy
Organizer: Robert McGill (Toronto)

As university creative writing courses have proliferated, the development of pedagogy has not kept pace. This session will address the imbalance by reconsidering such courses' goals and methods. For instance, although workshops remain the default mode for teaching creative writing, there are many ways to run them. There are also entirely different modes of teaching. Papers in this session will address such questions as: to what extent might creative writing classes draw on pedagogy established for literary studies? What skill-sets and bodies of knowledge should instructors seek to teach? What place should there be for directed reading, literary theory, and writing exercises? How should students be assessed? What attention should there be to professional matters such as publishing and working with agents? What role should peer criticism play in providing feedback on students' work, and how can the skills involved in peer criticism best be developed? What different strategies are demanded by the teaching of different literary forms (e.g., poetry, non-fiction, fiction, playwriting, screenwriting), not least when more than one form is being taught in a course? And what ethical questions might arise in creative writing classes? Papers that draw on classroom experience are welcome.

Following the instructions on the ACCUTE website (www.acccute.ca, under Conference), send your 700 word proposal (or 8-10 page double-spaced paper), a 100 word abstract, a 50 word biographical statement, and the submitter information form, to robert.mcgill@utoronto.ca by November 20th.

Note: You must be a current ACCUTE member to submit to this session.