NYU Forum on Citizenship and Applied Theatre, April 23rd-25th, 2010

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New York University, Program in Educational Theatre

To read the call for proposals: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/conference/forumoncitizenship/callforproposals

NYU's Program in Educational Theatre is a leader in applied theatre. Through our extensive curricular offerings (which range from undergraduate to doctoral programs of study), we, as practitioners, are constantly investigating dialogical forms of theatre through which it is possible to explore social activity, pedagogy, politics and citizenship. These aspirations drive applied theatre, a movement involving the use of drama and theatre in non-traditional venues that promote citizenship within varying communities.

The goal of this forum is to facilitate a dialogue on citizenship and applied theatre contexts through exploring the field of arts-based community engagement. The forum will also investigate the perceived boundaries and barriers for artist/educators committed to understanding the roles and responsibilities of citizens in both local and global communities.

Forum participants will engage in workshops and sessions exploring the link between applied theatre and citizenship; use theatre to critically reflect on historical events, discovering their influence on contemporary culture, public policies and our individual lives; and develop a language of possibility within a narrowly defined, outcome-based culture.

For our 2010 Forum, we invite artists, educators, representatives from arts organizations and researchers to share and discuss their work.

Proposals should address one or more of the following questions and/or sub-questions:

1) What is a citizen artist?

•What is the contemporary role of citizenship in arts education and/or applied theatre?
•Who is the citizen artist, and what are their responsibilities in citizenship education?

2) How can drama provide a forum to explore ideas of global citizenship?

•What are innovative strategies for using drama to stimulate dialogue, interaction and change?
•How is theatre being used to rehabilitate people in prisons, health facilities, and elsewhere?
•How can applied theatre encourage global citizenship for participants of all ages?

3) How do we prepare future artists/educators for work in applied theatre?

•What ethical questions should the artist/educator consider in their work?
•In what ways are aesthetics important in applied theatre? How do we negotiate a commitment to both the process and product of applied theatre work?
•How do artist/educators assess participants' understandings in an applied theatre project?
We are accepting proposals in one of four formats:

1. Paper Presentations: Participants should submit a title and 100-word abstract articulating the ways in which the paper relates to one or more of the conference questions. Papers will be selected for moderated panels based on topic areas at the discretion of the conference committee. Each panelist will have 15 minutes to present their work, followed by a moderated discussion between fellow presenters and conference participants.

2. Workshops: Participants should submit a title and 100-word description of their workshop, articulating the ways in which the workshop relates to one or more of the conference questions. In this context, a workshop is defined as an interactive experience between the conference participants and the workshop facilitator(s), not as a lecture/demonstration. Workshops will be given 90-minute time slots.

3. Performance of Applied Theatre Project: Participants should submit a title and a 100-word abstract of a scene, or excerpt of an applied theatre project (20 minutes maximum) for presentation and reflection at the conference. Abstracts should articulate the ways in which the performance relates to one or more of the conference questions. Performance submissions featuring all age groups are welcomed and encouraged.

4. Narratives: Participants should submit a title and 100-word abstract of a narrative presentation that illuminates an applied theatre project. Media that supports the narratives are encouraged for presentation and reflection at the conference. In this context, a narrative presentation refers to one's experience and personal account of an applied theatre project. Abstracts should articulate how the narratives relate to one or more of the conference questions.

All technical requests must be included in the proposal. Please understand, due to limited space and resources, the committee may not be able to accommodate all requests.

Submissions are due January 5th, 2010. Please submit proposals to: applied.theatre.forum@gmail.com

You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your proposal. Notification of accepted proposals will be emailed on or before February 15, 2010. Submissions must include a picture and 50 word-biography of each presenter.

For more information about Steinhardt's Program in Educational Theatre, please visit: http://steinhardt.nyu.edu/music/edtheatre