Pan-Latino Identity March 31-April 3, 2010 St. Louis, Missouri

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The growth of a transnational Latin American / Latino/a community has necessitated a re-envisioning of pan-ethnicity and of national identity. In fact, Roman de la Campa suggests that Latino/as reside in type of "split state" which includes not only specific national histories and identifications, but also "the ontological plurality that comes from deriving an identity from more than one American imaginary." While focusing specifically on Pan-Latino/a and transnational identity, we will examine the ways in which cultural productions (re)negotiate, conflate or threaten social, economic, racial, cultural, political, and/or gendered differences among Latino/as. Additionally, papers may explore how this split state of Latino/a (or Pan-Latino/a) identity reconstructs or deconstructs traditional notions of national identity. This panel welcomes papers from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.

Due December 5, 2009