[UPDATE] ACLA Seminar: Toward a Gendered Analytics of Diaspora (deadline extended to Nov. 23)

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ACLA 2010 Conference (April 1-4), New Orleans, LA

ACLA Seminar: Toward a Gendered Analytics of Diaspora: Interrogating Constructions of Gender and Sexuality in Diasporic Cultural Productions

ACLA Annual Meeting, April 1-4, 2010
New Orleans, LA

Seminar Description:

In his article "Diasporas," James Clifford argues that traditional theories of diaspora tend to privilege male experiences by prioritizing traveling over dwelling, displacements over placements; his remedy would be to focus on an alternative of female diasporic experience. Further, Gayatri Gopinath argues in her book, Impossible Desires that the postcolonial queer diasporic body in diasporic cultural productions mobilizes a memory of violence that dominant, exclusionary historiographies of the nation actively erase. In light of such recent expressions of the need to recenter the female and the queer diasporic vantage-points as analytical frames for re-theorizing diaspora, this seminar invites papers on diasporic cultural productions (including fiction, memoirs, and films) which critically engage the lens of gender and/or sexuality to represent diasporic experiences.

Paper topics might include but are not limited to: the female and/or queer diasporic subject as cultural producer and/or as a material-discursive site of counter-memory; relationships between home and travel, domestic and public spaces; tropes of nostalgia and return; constructing the past by writing the self, history, and the nation; intersections among gender/sexuality and class, religion, race, ethnicity, and/or caste.

Please select the seminar title, "Toward a Gendered Analytics of Diaspora: Interrogating Constructions of Gender and Sexuality in Diasporic Cultural Productions" from the drop-down menu on the ACLA submissions website in order to submit 250 word paper proposals no later than November 13. Also, please don't forget to specify your A/V needs (if any) on the submissions website. The ACLA submissions website is as follows:

If you have any questions, please contact Soumitree Gupta (soumitree.gupta at gmail.com).

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