CFP: Afffectivity and Aesthetics of the Postnational across Literature, Cinema, and Theory (deadline: Nov. 23)

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ACLA annual convention, New Orleans, April 1-4, 2010

Seminar title: Afffectivity and Aesthetics of the Postnational across Literature, Cinema, and Theory

The term "postnational" is deployed here to reflect the indeterminate time that sur-vives the nation in which various forms of singularities occur, arrive, and/or are anticipated both within and across national spaces, institutions, and arts. This panel explores the potential of the postnational as a means of critically questioning the currently fashionable terms of transnationalism.

While transnationalism has critiqued the privileged status of the national, it has, through its focus on spatial movement or travel, retained the category of the national. Does its engagement with identity politics and strategies of representation neglect the potential of affective and aesthetic change? Does it run the risk of endorsing globalized biopolitical control?

Considering these issues in the light of the "postnational" will lead us to ask: How are senses divided or redistributed across heretofore alienated bodies, insignificant incidents, and untimely encounters? How can we rethink the relations or non-relations among aesthetics, historiography, and temporality? How can texts and artworks redeem the potential of affectivity or jouissance for creating new values against the grains of both national and neoliberal control? In short, what aesthetic and affective interventions can redeem the buried potential of the postnational?

Proposals due: Nov. 23 2009

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