Updated--Extended Deadline: Transnational Feminist Responses and the Torture of "Enemies"(11/23/09; 04/01/10-04/04/10)

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Basuli Deb/University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Call for Papers

American Comparative Literature Association Annual Meeting
April 1-4, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana

The deadline for a 250 word paper proposal has now been extended to 23 Nov. 2009
(to be submitted through the ACLA website at http://www.acla.org/submit/index.php)

Transnational Feminist Responses and the Torture of "Enemies"

In "Beyond Terror: Gender, Narrative, and Human Rights" Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg underlines:

"The structure of scenes of human rights violation, and of many cultural texts that represent such violation, depends upon dominant gender norms linked to exclusionary practices of citizenship and human rights, and therefore gender as an analytical category must be afforded space at the very center of the study of and struggle to maintain international human rights. This effort presumes a feminist struggle that refuses to restrict its focus to gender, but rather highlights the connection between dominant gender normalization and the brutalities of racism and economic imbalances in global and local contexts."

In fact, much work in transnational feminism remains to be done with regard to the politics of torture of the "enemy". How does transnational feminist politics respond to torture of the "enemy" or representations of such torture in the face of governmentality? How do we responsibly examine the structure and ideology of torture of the "enemy"? How does transnational feminism responsibly speak to the role of women in the politics of torture? What obligations does it have to address the historical relationship between legacies of colonialism/neo-imperialism and the torture of people in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries? However, these are just a few lines of critical inquiry, and this seminar looks forward to many more stimulating approaches to the issue. This 9-12 person seminar invites the study of the politics and representation of torture not only through literary texts, but also other media.

Depending on the number of papers, this panel will meet on two/three consecutive days. Presenters are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions of the panel. This unique conference set-up allows a small group of researchers (8-12) to pursue a particular topic intensely within the format of a larger conference.

For questions about the panel, please contact the seminar organizer: Basuli Deb (bdeb2@unl.edu)

For submitting paper proposals and for more information on the conference, please visit the official conference website at http://www.acla.org/acla2010/