Intellectual Exchange and Networks in Europe 1500-1660: Aproaches from the Humanities and Social Sciences

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The University of Chicago Early Modern, Renaissance and Western Mediterranean Workshops

An interdisciplinary graduate conference, to be held May 7-8, 2010 at the University of Chicago. This conference will create a forum for investigating how ideas moved through Europe in the formative years of 1500 to 1660. We welcome all approaches and interpretations of this topic, including but not limited to considerations of the social networks, trade routes, epistolary webs, as well as the multiple forms of literary transmission, by which ideas traveled in Europe from one place to another and from one period of time to another. In order to address the issue of intellectual exchange and networks in its most capacious sense, the conference will draw together the work of graduate students and faculty from across the departmental boundaries of art history, English, history, political science, and the Romance languages. As an interdisciplinary forum about the movement of ideas in the early modern period, this conference will also raise serious questions about the movement of ideas in our own period: How has current work on intellectual exchange divided itself along disciplinary lines? What might be learned by putting into dialogue the various methodologies and understandings that are currently developing in each of these disciplines?

Please send an abstract of 250 words proposing a fifteen to twenty-minute paper to: Abstracts should be approximately 250 words and included in the body of an e-mail.

Deadline extended to Monday, November 30, 2009.