Contemporary Europe between East and West

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Valahian Journal of Historical Studies

The whole Eastern Europe has built its identity and self-perception by relating itself to the West while also developing an inferiority complex to Western Europe. Accepting that by the virtue of tradition and spirituality they belong to the East is inconceivable to Eastern Europeans who recognize that they are part of Eastern Europe only geographically and even this they consider as a handicape. In the circumstances of the recent international evolutions of the past three years, the relation between Eastern and Western Europe is in a full process of change. This issue of VJHS aims at finding out what are the dimensions of this change and their limits. Moreover, an answer to the meaning of the attributes Easterner and East in the new Europe constructed around the European values. Why significant portions of Western Europeans are deeply concern about the historical reunification of the continent? Are these concerns well-grounded or they are but outgrowth of populist parties in search for power but poor in solutions to the real issues of their society? Is there the danger of creating a new fault between East and West this time imposed not from Russia but from Western Europe? VJHS welcomes contributions on issues such as:

the literature regarding the East-West relation;
the methodology of research of the East-West relation;
the history of the East-West relation during the 20th and 21st centuries: bilateral relations between Eastern and Western nations, relations between democratic Western states and Communist states, the pro-Western and anti-Western propaganda, the the pro-Eastern and anti-Eastern propaganda, mass currents, international organisations;
influences and inter-influences between East and West;
the invisible border between East and West;
the existence/non-existence/inexistence of an Eastern European identity;
perceptions and mindsets: Western Europeans about Eastern Europeans and vice versa;
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Paper's deadline is April 15th, 2010