Post-war American Poetry and Painting

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University of Kent
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American poetry and painting
3-4 July 2010
University of Kent Centre for Modern Poetry

Over the last half-century, different artistic disciplines in the United States have undergone transformations in boundaries, definitions and interconnections. Post-war American poetry, through the efforts of Black Mountain College, the New York School, Language Poetry, for example, has found itself inseparable from the visual arts; meanwhile US painting has increasingly engaged with other art disciplines, particularly literary forms, as it has moved away from representation, realism and – most importantly – oil. To explore, in Fred Moramarco's phrase, the 'kindred muses' of the two, and their historical and cultural co-development, the University of Kent Centre is holding a conference on 'Post-war American poetry and painting'. Topics to be addressed could include (but are not limited to):

— collaboration
— the interdisciplinary 'group' or 'school'
— concrete and visual poetry
— collage
— ut pictura poesis
— interdisciplinary pedagogy
— word and image
— space and the line
— the influence of Europe
— the page and the canvas
— allusion and intertext
— curating
— literary vs. art criticism and theory
— reading and viewing

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