UPDATE: Creative Writing - UK (11/30/09; 6/18/10 - 6/20/10)

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National Institute for Excellence in the Creative Industries
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Great Writing:
The International Creative Writing Conference

18-20 June 2010

What future is there for Creative Writing?

Where are we now? Where are we going? Let's set the agenda! How do creative and critical knowledge in Creative Writing relate, and how can we advance our understanding of Creative Writing? What is the future of university study in Creative Writing? Is there a future for Creative Writing in schools? What are the strengths of Creative Writing in Higher Education? What can we improve? What about postgraduate study in Creative Writing โ€“ what is the present, what is the future? And what about Creative Writing beyond education โ€“ what relationships can be built or strengthened with publishers, producers? What new creative or critical work is emerging and has it a future? What's your latest creative project and how will we discover it?

Great Writing 2010: critical or creative presentations are invited for the 13th Annual International Creative Writing Conference, 18th โ€“ 20th June 2010, Bangor, North Wales.

Single presentations: 20 minutes, 10 minutes questions.
3 person panels: 90 minutes in total.

Send proposals to: creative@bangor.ac.uk

Closing Date for Submissions: 30th Nov. 2009

Early submission is highly encouraged

For queries contact Professor Graeme Harper, Conference Director:

Or, for general conference information, the NIECI Conference Officer: simon.holloway@bangor.ac.uk