"Democratic Communications, Equal Rights & Global Justice" : Union for Democratic Communications 2010 Conference

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Union for Democratic Communications
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Call for Participation
Union for Democratic Communications 2010 Conference
"Democratic Communications, Equal Rights & Global Justice"

The global financial meltdown has exposed the threats and opportunities that confront communications practitioners, scholars, artists and activists. The investment strike by the ruling capitalist class has exposed naked capitalism. It provides us with an opportunity to critique and reject the inhumanity of this economic structure as a threat to any opportunity of reaching our full human potential. Radical explanations and interpretations of the contradictions within this system are more imperative than ever. However, as we explore the threats we also have a rich opportunity to search for alternatives via the communications system. In what ways can we move from critique to ACTivism. How do we break through the Astroturf (TM)lobbying by the ruling capitalist class (not so-called special interests) to empower rather than subdue the global citizen? The critique of capitalism and exploration of alternatives to it are complementary. How do we forge this connection?

The Union for Democratic Communications invites media producers, scholars, artists and activists to submit proposals exploring these and other essential matters of media and democracy--past, present, and future. The UDC is now in its third decade as an organization dedicated to challenging existing paradigms, media silence, distortions, and falsehoods of the existing undemocratic communications system that shapes what we see, read, and hear. (For further information, see our website: http://www.democraticcommunications.org/index.html)

Please join us!

The Union for Democratic Communications conference will be held in State College, PA October 14-16, 2010. Proposals should include a 250-500 word description of the work to be presented along with contact information and affiliation. They may be sent either electronically to jlh26@psu.edu or by post to Jeanne Lynn Hall, The Pennsylvania State University, College of Communications, 127 Carnegie Building, University Park, PA 16802. The deadline for proposals is April 1, 2010.