CFP: The Business of Food (12/1/06; encyclopedia)

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Gary Allen
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CFP: The Food Business

As you may have noticed, the Greenwood Publishing Group has become
one of the leading publishers of books on the cultural side of food.
A complete listing of Greenwood's food studies titles can be found
at: <

We are co-editing a new, two-volume encyclopedia, for Greenwood (_The
Business of Food: Encyclopedia of the Food Industry_, scheduled for
publication early in 2008), and we're looking for people to write one
or more entries. If you are interested in writing on the subject for
this encyclopedia, please consult the List of Unassigned Entries, below.

There are small honoraria (the amounts vary with the size of entries,
and are identified in the list of unassigned articles), and the
authors of the entries will, naturally, be credited. Please respond
as soon as possible, as we must have all the articles in hand by
December 1, 2006.

Thanks for reading this far – we look forward to collaborating with
you on this project.


Gary Allen, Food Writer and Adjunct Professor, Empire State College

Ken Albala, Professor of History, Pacific University


List of Unassigned Entries:
The Business of Food: Encyclopedia of the Food Industry (as of 17
September 06)

Size Key:
(A) 2300-2500 - $150 per article
(B) 1800-2000 - $120 per article
(C) 800-1000 - $60 per article
(D) 400-500 - $30 per article

Advertising (A)
Altria (Philip Morris) (C)
Antibiotics (B)
Baby Food (B)
Bacteria (B)
Beer (A)
Bioterrorism Act (B)
Candy and Confections (B)
Chain Restaurants – other than Fast Food Restaurants (B)
Children, Marketing (A)
Cloning (B)
Coffee Trade (B)
Commodities Trading/Stock Exchange (B)
Commodity Food Chains (C)
Cooking Technology (A)
Co-Ops (C)
Credit (B)
Customs and Tariffs (B)
Dairy Industry (A)
Delivery (B)
Distilled Beverages (B)
Dole (D)
Environmental Issues (A)
Fair Trade (B)
Famine (A)
Farm Technology (B)
Fast Food Restaurants (A)
Fertilizers (C)
Fishing Industry (A)
Food Dyes (D)
Food Festivals (C)
Food Poisoning (B)
Food Safety (B)
Food Science (B)
Food Service Industry (B)
Food Stamps (C)
Free Trade (C)
Frozen Food (B)
Green Revolution (B)
Hospitality Industry (B)
Hybridization (B)
Hygiene (B)
Imports/Exports (A)
Insurance and Subsidies (B)
Irradiation (B)
Libby's (D)
Liquor and Distilled Beverages (A)
Lobbying (A)
Marketing (A)
Mercantilism (B)
Milk Marketing Board (B)
Monoculture (B)
Monsanto (C)
Multinational (C)
Natural Foods (A)
Nutrition Education (B)
Nutrition Labeling (B)
Packaging (B)
Patents (A)
Pesticides (B)
Pet Food (B)
Pork Industry (A)
Post (D)
Preservatives and Additives (B)
Produce (B)
Publishing (A)
Quality Control (D)
Recalls (B)
Research and Development (B)
Reynold's (D)
Scandals (B)
Seed Banks (B)
Stuckey's (D)
Sugar and Sweeteners (B)
Take Out (B)
Taylorizing (C)
Television (A)
Trade Wars (B)
Trademarks (A)
Transport (A)
Tropicana (D)
Unilever (D)
Unions (B)
Water (C)
Welch's (D)
Whole Food (C)
World Bank (B)

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