3rd Annual Women's and Gender Studies Conference, The College of Saint Rose 3/13/10

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CSR Women's and Gender Studies
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"Sex and Gender in Popular Culture"

Third Annual College of Saint Rose Women's and Gender Studies
Regional Conference

Saturday, March 13th, 2010
The College of Saint Rose
Albany NY

While tradition continues to inform our perceptions of sex and gender, few would disagree that popular culture has a huge impact on those perceptions as well, particularly in the internet-infused world of the 21st century. The changing contours of what it means to be female (or male, transsexual, transgender, intersexed, etc.) can be mapped on to the demands of particular social, economic, and political arrangements. The dominant/normative/normal meaning of "male" and "female" at a given time thus seeks to legitimate the status quo (or current distribution of power), discipline social and sexual behavior, and create consumers and markets for the goods and industries that drive global capitalism. Popular culture has been put forth as a site for renegotiating and re-imagining the parameters of sex and gender, while at the same time noting its limitations. At this conference, we are particularly interested in hosting community activists, scholars (including both graduate and undergraduate students), and artists whose work speaks to the interesting and transformative ways in which ideas about sex and gender get discussed and performed in the popular culture.

While sex and gender in popular culture is our highlighted topic, we welcome all presentations that explore the larger fields of Women's and Gender Studies.

Proposals should include:
• Name of Presenter and any other contributors
• Mailing address
• E-mail address
• 1 page description/abstract (approx. 100-150 words)
• Any equipment requirements (computer, dvd player, document camera, etc.)

Proposals should be sent by Jan 25, 2010 via e-mail to:

Dr. Angela D. Ledford
Associate Professor of Political Science
Affiliated Faculty, Women's Studies
Department of History and Political Science
The College of Saint Rose
Albany, NY 12203