The Global Novel in Anglophone Cultures (TURIN AUGUST 24-28 2010 -- CFP DEADLINE JANUARY 31ST, 2010)

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European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) Turin/Torino August 24/28 2010

This seminar will discuss the impact of globalization on anglophone cultures by focusing on the emergence of so called "global novels" and by charting the patterns of their dissemination and their inclusion as new cultural capital in literary studies worldwide. By situating such novels in the context of a series of irreversible changes currently investing the relation between literature and nationality, we aim at bringing new light on the cultural significance of novels written in English across the globe. In particular, we will try to demonstrate that the affective, cultural, and narrative success of global novels is intimately connected to the transformation of the world system at large, whereby changes in patterns of experience -- no less than narrative originality -- appear as simultaneously symptom and cause of such tendency, both in terms of their impact on the re-definition of aesthetic values, and in terms of their forceful questioning of colonial epistemologies.
We invite participants interested in discussing any of the following issues:
1) patterns of production, circulation, and consumption of fiction worldwide;
2) the transformation of the novel as a genre across cultural and linguistic horizons;
3) the success of the novel as a cognitive "device" for the morphing of cultural difference;
4) the disciplinary restructuring of English Literature as an academic discipline on a global, postcolonial, and comparative axis.

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