Travel in Times of Travail

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Society for American Travel Writing

The Society for American Travel Writing invites proposals for papers on the topic, "Travel in Times of Travail" for the 2010 American Literature Association Conference in San Francisco. We seek insight into literary accounts of migration, displacement, disaster tourism, and the like in the wake of wars, major political or economic crises such as the Great Depression or the current economic downturn, natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, or ecological catastrophes like the Prince William Sound oil spill. Possible questions include, How does travel expose the traveler to a deeper awareness of the causes of the catastrophe? How do travelers escape from disaster and what sorts of travel experiences come with evacuation? How does travel either expose or elide the social justice issues brought to light by disaster? How does disaster travel reveal human differences and/or our common humanity? Send proposals by Jan 20, 2010, to Jon Volkmer at or Andrew Vogel at