The Portrayal of Formerly Colonized Peoples in Literature

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Recently, Chinua Achebe, the doyen of African literature, described Joseph Conrad as portraying Africans in a "terribly terribly wrong" fashion in Heart of Darkness. Achebe's assertion rejuvenates the question of the depiction of the colonized peoples in books written by colonizers, neocolonizers, and contemporary Western authors. Given this background, the Literary Horizons Journal, a journal dedicated solely to publishing the work of graduate students, is soliciting papers that explore the portrayal of formerly colonized peoples, cultures, and themes in works written by Western authors or Western-leaning indigenous authors.

The topics may include but are not limited to:
-The portrayal of indigenous culture in works written by foreigners
-The exhortation of Western culture in works written during the colonial or postcolonial period
-A foreigner's work as an inauthentic medium of indigenous cultural beliefs
-Writing as form of oppression and/or liberation
-Means of neocolonization by today's political elite class

Original manuscripts of 3000-3500 words in MLA format should be submitted
no later than January 20, 2010. Please include a brief biographical
statement. Papers must be submitted electronically (MS Word 2007 document
only) to and hard copies sent by snailmail to:
Dr. Paul M. Mukundi
The Editor in Chief
Literary Horizons Journal
Morgan State University
Department of English and Language Arts
Holmes Hall Room 202L
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251-0001