Constituting Citizenship: National & Transnational Perspectives

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Graduate Student Symposium in American Studies Purdue University
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The symposium committee of the American Studies
Program at Purdue University invites proposals and
abstracts for papers and panels for its annual graduate
student symposium. Building on the work, exchange,
and discussions at the 2009 ASA conference, the title
of this year's symposium is "Constituting Citizenship:
National & Transnational Perspectives." While we
welcome submissions on a wide range of topics
centering on the concept of citizenship (be it
political/legal, cultural, consumer, sexual, global,
corporate, or virtual), we are especially interested in
such issues as belonging, the construction,
constitution, and management of citizenship, political
subjectivity, political intimacies, and the search for a
synthesis in the dialectic of refugee v. cosmopolitan. If
the body politic is a negotiation, an establishment and
a maintenance (via re-negotiation, re-establishment) of
a "THEM" versus an "US," does the sculpture in the
yard of an Oak Park, IL, resident indicate the burial of such terms? Or, is the sculpture an anticipatory
gesture toward their burial? Or, is it a dire warning about such socio-political bi- or even polyfurcations? What
can such perspectives on American culture as Neruda's comment on the corporate citizen in "La United Fruit
Co.," Adunis's prescient critique of the locus of American power in his "Qabr Min Ajl New York" ["A Grave
for New York"], or even Herbert Grönemeyer's pop-song polemic "Amerika" have on a transnational
understanding of the United States, both from within and without? Or is listening to "their" notions of
America and American Studies still something U. S. scholars in particular are reluctant to do? The committee
is also keenly interested in non-academic treatments of the topic and therefore seeks work that is literary and
cinematic (for presentation in toto or in excerpt), as well as performance pieces, photo-essays, and other media.
Potential panels include:
• Concepts of Citizenship
• Constitutions, as products and processes
• Political subjectivities
• Political intimacies
• (Im)Migrations
• Artistic representations of citizenship
• Dual, multiple, and virtual citizenships
• Stateless persons
Traditional conference presentations will be limited to fifteen minutes. Time alloted to on-traditional
presentations, performances, or viewings will be negotiated with the speaker/presenter/performer/artist.
Please send abstracts of no more than 250 words, or equally brief descriptions of creative works, to (include "symposium 2010" in the subject line). Proposals for complete panels are
greatly encouraged. Please send submissions as a PDF or Word attachment, which should also include any
affiliation, mailing address, and e-mail or other contact information. The deadline for submissions is 15
January 2010.