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Dr John Wills (Kent); Dr Maeve Pearson (Exeter)

The Intellect published and academic refereed journal 'European Journal of American Culture' (EJAC) invites new submissions for its 2010 issues. The journal welcomes articles that tackle American cinema, television and videogames, music, art, literature, politics and history based around the exploration of American culture. We are open to special issues that bring together two to three significant pieces on one common theme, or equally standalone pieces. Articles are to be 5-8,000 words in length and can be either single discipline or interdisciplinary in nature. Book reviews are also welcome.

Before submitting, contributors are asked to refer to the guidelines available on the publisher's website:,name=journalstylegui...
Co-editors Maeve Pearson and John Wills are happy to field questions (; )

European Journal of
American Culture