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Bhatter College Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

Unpublished article/essays/conference/seminar/papers are invited from teachers, research scholars, activists, enthusiasts from all over the world on the topic, "Earth, Nature, Environment, Ecosystem and the Human Society". Papers focusing on any related area can be submitted from the following disciplines:

Bengali, English, Sanskrit, History, Political Science, Philosophy, Education, Music, Economics, Commerce and Mathematics.

Though we are open to any suggestion for the inclusion of any topic, we are giving a tentative list of areas for submission:

* Environmental disasters in History
* History of Environmental Changes
* Conception of Dis/harmony between the natural and the human worlds in literature
* Philosophies of Environment, Nature and the Mother Earth
* Political theories, debates and movements involving the crisis of environmental changes
* Teaching Environmental Studies Effectively
* Nature, Environment and Music
* Eco-friendliness and industrial production
* Social and Environmental Accounting
* Social Cost of Water and Wind Pollution
* Cost Benefit Analysis of Common Properties
* Environmental Consciousness of Students

Please note that we accept only electronic submissions via e-mail as attached documents. For submission of writings, please send:
* Completed article (3000-5000 words)
* Abstract (100-200 words)
* 3 to 5 Keywords
* Brief CV
Contact: editor[AT]bhattercollege.org.in