Wallace Stevens Among Others (American Literature Assoc., May 27-30, 2010)

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Andrew Goldstone

The Wallace Stevens Society calls for submissions for a panel on "Wallace Stevens Among Others," to take place at the American Literature Association conference in San Francisco, May 27-30, 2010.

How is Wallace Stevens, that remarkably unique poet, typical? Singular stylist and thinker that he is, Stevens has often seemed a poet best understood in his own terms, a figure whose distinctive poetic idiom—like his notorious personal reticence—sets him apart from other poets, other problems, and other people. Although recent scholarship has illuminated some of the ways Stevens' literary, philosophical, political, social, and even business interests connect him to his time and place, Stevens scholars have continued to place him in a singular, often distant or mediated relation to such shared concerns. This panel invites contributions that put Stevens back into the mainstream of literary and social history. Possible topics include: Stevens' changing reputation in literary history; Stevens' literary relations (friendships, rivalries, influences, legacies); Stevens within and beyond modernism; Stevens' poetry among other media; Stevens and social change.
Send 350-word abstracts to Andrew Goldstone by January 20, 2010 at andrew.goldstone@stanford.edu.