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BOOK TITLE: New Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture.

New Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Culture is a collection of essays featuring the work of established and emerging scholars in the areas of eighteenth-century commerce, race, law, genre and gender. The century that witnessed capitalistic growth, slavery and, in some countries, the abolition movement, the emerging of newly distinctive literary genres and fashionably defined gender roles is no longer understood as simply the time of Augustan restrictions and budding Romantic sensibilities. Although the aesthetic popularity of neo-Classicism, sentimental artistic devices and drawing room manners are well researched, new work on the social, historical and cultural contexts of literature, in addition to the uncovering of texts that, although popular in their day, still are given too little critical treatment, provide the rich, fertile ground of eighteenth-century studies today.

Our collection of essays is composed of the most recent, well-researched studies available in the area of eighteenth-century critical debate today, and the editors welcome further contributions to the volume. The deadline for complete articles of approximately 5000 words in Chicago style with endnotes is March 1, 2010. Please send submissions and queries to

The Editors:

Julie Chappell is Associate Professor of English at Tarleton State University, and she is the editor/translator of The Prose Alexander of Robert Thornton: The Middle English Text with a Modern English Translation. Her monograph Reformation and Recusancy: Saving The Book of Margery Kempe 1534-1934 is in progress. She has also authored reviews, essays, and articles in the areas of textual studies, medieval mysticism, early drama, and 18th-century literature as well as having given readings and published her own short fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

Kamille Stone Stanton is the author of peer-reviewed articles on women's writings of the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century that have appeared in Clio, Interactions, XVIII New Perspectives on Eighteenth-Century Studies, Prose Studies and Early Theatre Journal. She is Assistant Professor of English at Savannah State University. Her monograph, Cavalier Women, is forthcoming.