Poetry of the Americas Symposium at Princeton, April 17, 2010

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Princeton University
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5th Annual Graduate Student Comparative Poetics Symposium
Department of Comparative Literature
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
Saturday, April 17, 2010

On Saturday, April 17, 2010, the Department of Comparative Literature at Princeton University will host a symposium in comparative poetics titled "Poetry of the Americas." Graduate students at any stage in their work are welcome to submit proposals for a twenty-minute paper presentation.

In addition to two panels, the symposium will feature a keynote lecture given by Marjorie Perloff (Professor Emerita, Stanford University; Scholar-in-Residence at the University of Southern California), poetry readings by Kenneth Goldsmith (University of Pennsylvania, poet and founder of Ubu Web) and Roger Santiváñez (Haverford College, poet and founding member of Movimiento Kloaka), and a roundtable discussion in which scholars, poet-translators, and editors will address the possibility of a "trans-American poetics."

Is it possible to theorize a trans-American poetics? The poetry of the Americas shares many elements with European poetry, but nevertheless, is it possible to account for the development of a particularly American poetics from Canada to the Caribbean to the Southern Cone? If so, what would its dominant features be? If not, at what points do regional poetics diverge? What are the particularities of language in the Americas, and what makes a poem an American poem? Poetry of the Americas proposes a multidisciplinary discussion of shifts in literary trends and the way ideas circulated through the hemisphere during the twentieth century. We wish to explore how poets express and interpret the idea of "America" and "the Americas," as lands and nations, in conjunction with political and cultural changes.

We are pleased to invite papers that offer questions, challenges, elaborations, and interpretations of this year's theme. We are interested in papers that work with poetry in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, as well as other languages. We are especially interested in proposals that take a comparative or interdisciplinary approach.

Topics may include but are not confined to the following:

­ The idea of "America," "the Americas," and "lo americano" as a transnational term
­ Transnationalism, transculturalism, "heterogeneous formations"
­ Concepts of "regional" poetics
­ Relation between formal innovation and development of an "American" poetry
­ Modernism, modernismo, modernismo brasileiro
­ The local & the international in American poetics
­ Appropriation, imitation, antropofagia; originality, authorship, intertextuality
­ Mestizaje/méitssage, hybridity/hybridez, créolité
­ Relationship to non-American avant-gardes
­ Memory and social ritual; memory and posdictaduras (postdictatorships)
­ Poetry, landscape, geography
­ Poetry and temporality
­ American poetry & gender; poetry & race; performance of the "American self"
­ Translation, mis-translation, collaboration
­ Socio-politics of poetry publication, circulation, and reception
­ The American long poem
­ The American prose poem
­ Exile, migration, diaspora
­ The rise of the demotic register
­ "Nation-language"
­ The American poet as autobiographer
­ New technologies and the composition and promulgation of poetry
­ The politics of trends and tendencies
­ Conception of the American by non-American poets

Paper proposals should include a title, 250-word abstract, brief biography (including department affiliation and areas of interest) and contact information. Please include at least one close reading in your paper and send us attachments of the poems before the symposium. Papers will be pre-circulated to moderators in order for them to prepare responses in advance. Audio-visual equipment is available upon request.

If you are interested in moderating a panel, please submit a curriculum vitae and a brief description of your interest in the symposium by the proposal deadline.

Deadline for proposals: February 19, 2010

Please send proposals via email attachment, as well as any questions, to poetryoftheamericas@gmail.com.

Thank you for your interest.

Ella Brians (Comparative Literature), Sergio Delgado (Spanish and Portuguese), Rachel Galvin (Comparative Literature), Alejandra Josiowicz (Spanish and Portuguese), Evan Kindley (English), Jens Klenner (Comparative Literature), Greg Londe (English), Kathryn Stergiopoulos (Comparative Literature)