[UPDATE] The Supernatural in Irish Literature and Film (SAMLA 4/30; 11/5-7/2010)

full name / name of organization: 
South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA)

In many ways, Irish literature and film are haunted, literally and figuratively. Additionally, it is home to many creatures and myths and even the most famous of the undead. This panel encourages an open approach to any way in which the supernatural works within Irish literature or film and discussions of the ways in which the supernatural, from haunting to vampires, works in conjunction or juxtaposition with Irish culture.

Approaches may include (but are not limited to) the following:
Bram Stoker's Dracula, Selkies (ex. Secrets of Roan Inish), Pookas, green women, banshees, hags turning in to young women (ex. Cathleen ni Houlihan), spirits, ghosts, apparitions, myth or magic.

Abstracts should be 300 words or less and submitted to Shane Trayers at shane.trayers@maconstate.edu by April 30, 2010.