The Changing Landscape of Apocalyptic Representation in Contemporary Cinema (15/04/2010)

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Jura Gentium Cinema
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The journal "Jura Gentium Cinema" ( is soliciting mid-length reviews/essays (between 2500 and 3500 words) for a dossier on the general theme of the changing face of apocalyptic representation in contemporary film. Please view the following suggestions as suggestive, not prescriptive.

-rewriting the apocalypse
-a new eschatology
-ending the vicious cycle
-nothing but nostalgia
-lost legality
-the Old West: mano-a-mano justice
-after Antonioni: not just another desert- and dune-scape
-apocalypse yesterday, or, the post-apocalyptic
-synonyms: pre- and post-apocalypse
-after theory, after Armageddon
-from dystopia to utopia
-communes, communes, everywhere communes
-one century back: naturalism all over again
-not just science, not just fiction
-a new-ish politics
-the end of ethics
-the end(s) of apocalypse

Contributors may of course also elaborate upon their own germane topic(s).

The review should be informative, evaluative, and critical, without being merely dismissive; that is, the reviewer should find some critical/aesthetic value in the work(s) under discussion.

Reviews in English, French, and Spanish are welcome.

Please contact Dr Jason S Polley ( for submissions.
Jura Gentium Cinema