Essay Collection: The Poetics of Song Lyrics (due 4/1/10)

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This essay collection has been accepted for publication in spring 2011 from a university press.

We invite essays (3,000-6,000 words) that analyze the poetics within a song or group of songs by one songwriter. As a whole, the collection will identify the poetics of song lyrics and provide a critical treatment to the lyrics. The purpose is to locate points of synthesis and separation between poetry and song lyrics so as to better understand both genres and to also articulate the poetics employed within song lyrics. The first section of the book will provide a variety of perspectives on the poetics of lyrics such as the use of assonantal rhyme in rap lyrics, and the second section will focus on a few prominent American songwriters. Essays on Bruce Springsteen, Eminem, and indie groups are of particular interest. Submissions should be sent electronically by April 1st. Queries are acceptable. Follow MLA style and keep song quotations to three lines or less per example.