MLA and SAMLA Convention Presenters Needed: Politics and Literature, Deadline: March 15

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Anna Faktorovich/ Pennsylvania Literary Journal

MLA and SAMLA Convention Presenters Needed

Special Topic: Politics and Literature

I am looking for 2-3 panelists to join me in each of the two panels at the MLA and the SAMLA Conventions. The theme for both is the same, but the guidelines are a bit different. I recently published the second issue of my peer-reviewed Pennsylvania Literary Journal on the topic of "Politics and Literature." I would like to explore this topic a bit further. You can view the issue of the journal online at, for an idea of what this concept means to me. You can also find the essays in this issue through EBSCO and Amazon Kindle. The next issue of the journal will be on "New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature." Besides working on the PLJ, I am an English Instructor at the Pennsylvania Highland Community College, and I will finish my Ph.D. in English Literature and Criticism by May 2011. Please send a query for either or both of these opportunities if you are not sure which idea(s) to send. I will describe the opportunities and what I am looking for from you below:


I will submit a Special Session proposal to the MLA. These are due to be emailed to the MLA on April 1st. That means that I would need your CV, abstract, and possibly the paper you plan on reading at the convention by March 15th, so that I will be able to arrange the chosen panelists into the proposal. I hope to find some professors to participate as it will strengthen the proposal and will increase the likelihood that we will be accepted. Only approximately 50% of the proposals are accepted. Please email me if you have any questions, comments, or with your abstracts and CVs. The MLA Convention will be held between January 6-9, in 2011, in Los Angeles, CA.


You have a 100% chance of being accepted through this opportunity, if I accept your submission. I am chairing the Graduate Forum in English session at the SAMLA Convention this fall. I plan on presenting one of the papers. I need 2-3 other people to join me on the panel. In this case, graduate students (rather than professors) are especially encouraged to apply. I am also looking for a Secretary for the panel. If you serve as a Secretary, you will work as the Chair of the panel in the following year. As a Secretary, you will only have to write and read a call for papers for next year's session. I hope that one of the presenters will serve as a Secretary. But, if the presenters are not available, we will need somebody who is not on the panel for the job. Please also send these abstracts and a CV by approximately March 15th. The SAMLA Convention will be held on approximately November 8th, 2010, in Atlanta, GA.

Your school probably sponsors travel to professional conferences, and these two meetings are among the most important in the literature field.

Thank you for your consideration.


Anna Faktorovich, Editor
Pennsylvania Literary Journal,
(724) 541-4444
1800 Lisa Dr., #2
Indiana, PA 15701