Anglo-American Literary Relationships 1870-1910

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Keridiana Chez
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I am putting together a panel exploring relations between England and the U.S. during 1870-1910 for the Midwest Conference on British Studies 56th Annual Meeting (October 8-10, 2010, Cleveland), given their stated strong preference for completed panels.

Any papers relating to Anglo-American literary relations during the last third of the 19th-century, and trickling into the 20th-century, will be most welcome.

I am particularly interested in questions of how transatlantic literature of the period influenced

- transatlantic imperial competition between England, fresh from carving up Africa, and the U.S., rising world power and former English colony,

- millennial discourses of utopia or dystopia,

- race, colonialism,

- gender, changing concepts of masculinity, and/or New Women, and

- views of non-human animals.

Please send a 200-word abstract and a brief, 1-page CV to Keridiana Chez (kerychez at by April 1, 2010.