Narrating Lives and Creating Communities in Early Modern Writing (Special session, 2011 MLA, Jan 6-9)

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Adele Wilson
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In accordance with the 2011 MLA Presidential Theme, "Narrating Lives," papers are invited that consider how reflections on one's life (self, body, consciousness) act to create, maintain, or disrupt communities (local, family, confessional, national, international, etc.).

Possible areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
-Paradigms of exclusion and exclusion
-Modes of intersubjectivity
-Expressions of socio-political affinity via corporeal metaphors, medical discourse, narratives of health and disease
-Politics of representation
-Literary production and community
-Narrative and phenomenology
-Representing violence
-Narrating historical change
-Devotional writing
-Gender and community
-Utopian visions
-Competing translations
-Religion and imagined communities
-Narrating persecution
-Travel writing

Email papers or 1 page abstracts by March 1st, 2010.