Buddhisms in Motion (November 2010 AAA) Deadline: 2/19/10

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Robert Y. Chang (NYU)
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Buddhisms in Motion Panel Details: The general aim of this panel is to explore the circulation of religion, with specific attention to Buddhist styles of contemporary world-making that are enmeshed within and responding to political economic structures. Do Buddhist accounts of movement and transformation complicate the trope of circulation in use by anthropologists? Additionally, contemporary Buddhists, like anthropologists, actively theorize and investigate habituated action, structural processes, and socially constructed meaning. How might anthropological inquiry into particular Buddhist understandings of these issues challenge prevailing concepts of "culture?"

We're especially interested in papers that provide ethnographic accounts of how and why the circulation of Buddhist persons, objects, institutions, and meanings affect existing regimes of value in the global cultural economy. Some probable topics include: friction and flow; bodies in motion across space and time; politics of place; markets and moralities; Buddhist media-making; or Buddhist rituals and ceremonies that make or cross boundaries.

Call for Abstracts for Session Proposal (2010 American Anthropological Association).

Anya Bernstein & Robert Y. Chang (New York University).

Submission Details:
Those wishing to present a paper as part of this panel are invited to submit a paper proposal via email to robert.chang[AT]nyu.edu and ab1223[AT]nyu.edu. Proposals must include a title, a 250-300 word abstract, and a CV by February 19th, 2010. Authors of accepted paper proposals will be notified via email prior to March 1st, 2010.