[UPDATE] Red Feather Journal: an Internation Journal of Children's Visual Culture

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Debbie Olson
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[UPDATE] The inaugural issue of Red Feather Journal is now up and can be viewed at www.redfeatherjournal.org

Red Feather Journal is an online, peer-reviewed, international journal whose focus is images of children and childhood in a variety of mediums. Our mission is to provide a space for the intellectual interrogation and examination of the many appropriations of the child image in modern visual culture. Our goal is to present quality, scholarly works that advance the growing body of scholarship surrounding the child image and images of childhood. The "Child" has come to represent a variety of ideological, social, racial, economic, and political conditions and experiences throughout the world that have perhaps contributed to the way people –both adults and the children themselves—conceive of the Child and childhood itself.

Red Feather Journal takes submissions on a rolling basis. Please visit the web site for details.